Living a Depressed Life

The trials and tribulations of depression.

For the Love of Snatch! All the T and Shade You Can Eat! RPDR Snatch Game All Stars 2 Ru-action!

Spoiler alert... There are bells ringing, can't you hear them??? This is your two minute warning. The T train will be leaving shortly. So unless you want to get t spilt all over you then you better get off... the train... Continue Reading →


How to Become Un-Broken

This is something that I've been thinking about lately. How to fix what's already broken. I'm not talking about a vase or mirror. I'm talking about the human spirit. Now some would argue that a human's spirit can't be broken... Continue Reading →

What it Feels Like to Be Gay

  Have you ever been made to feel less because of who you are inside? The feeling that you're not good enough for God's love. It's not simply that God doesn't love you but that you deserve the pain inflicted... Continue Reading →

Til It Happens To You

You won't know how I feel... Couldn't be more of a powerful statement and for anyone who's been at the end of victim shaming it really rings true. It's common to hear things like it gets better in time or pull... Continue Reading →

How Do You Stop Caring What Others Think About you?

Seriously, I'm asking because I haven't quite figured it out yet. Though I'm determined to work on it until it sinks in. Lately I've not felt so good about my physical appearance so the other day while I was playing... Continue Reading →

Depression Stigmata

I wish... that depression didn't have such a stigma attached to it. I wish people wouldn't question my symptoms because they can't be seen like other illnesses. I wish I didn't have depression but I do. It's easy to get... Continue Reading →

Throwing a Tantrum

I just want to throw a tantrum... a full blown childhood meltdown. I get so pissed that my Mom died that all I see is red. I'd scream bloody murder if I thought it would do any good but I... Continue Reading →

The Illusion of Fear

fear /fir/ noun an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Fear is a learned behavior and usually the result of getting hurt. Fear can protect you but it... Continue Reading →

Losing My Religion

I grew up in fire and brimstone. I was groomed to face life in fear. As an adult I have struggled to put out all those flames. While most I kept to a smolder I still fight against the few... Continue Reading →

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